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How is Dreamwidth better than LiveJournal?

Dreamwidth has already changed the following things from the LiveJournal code:

Dreamwidth is planning:

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quoteMurray isn’t a “sexist” in the old school, women should stay in the kitchen, kind of way. But “equality” doesn’t mean the right to insult people in sexist or racist terms and then shrug off criticism because “it was just a joke”. Unfortunately he’s representative of a deeper problem, that of trying to convince liberal, well intentioned men that feminism isn’t just about equal pay and opportunities, but about changing the culture so that we understand that there’s a difference between whether a woman has value as a person and whether you want to sleep with her. Murray has, in the past, said that he intellectually acknowledges this truth - and I believe him when he says it - but it still seems a while to go before the bravely “non-PC” liberals out there realise that if they make jokes that implicitly conflate those things that they’re undermining feminists’ attempts to make it true.
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"If the pig sneezes, he’s fucken dead."

"If the pig sneezes, he’s fucken dead."

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I’m not trying for eloquence here. This is a rant.

Yes, swine flu is scary shit. But realistically every day we go out in the world there are dangers. Do you step out of your house and walk down the street? You could be hit by a car. Do you drive? Accidents happen every day. People get killed. You might be the victim of a violent crime today. You might catch an airborne disease that might make you die a cruel death.

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