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POSTED Apr 28 2009 @ 12:33
quoteBasically what’s going on right now is like when your friends or your parents buy a new house that’s getting built for them in some new suburb and get sooooo excited they forget other people don’t really give a shit, and during the building process they keep on going, OMG COME VISIT MY NEW HOUSE, and finally you cave in and go, and it smells like fresh paint and there’s no carpet just concrete, and you just kind of stand there going, uh-huh as they gush about the cabinets that are gonna be installed and that bay window in the dining area while sweaty construction workers work on putting in the fixings, thinking “dude, if you think I’m going to drive an extra twelve miles now to have movie night at this place as much as we used to, you are so wrong”.
POSTED Apr 24 2009 @ 4:35
POSTED Apr 23 2009 @ 20:43
the most practical prophylactic ad come-on ever

the most practical prophylactic ad come-on ever

POSTED Apr 23 2009 @ 20:22
quoteI’m not fannish, I find it frustrating that Dreamwidth has been seized on as a fannish project when it’s not, I find the hype and bitterness over invite codes hard to understand (people, it’s in closed beta, this is the equivalent to sawdust everywhere and people in overalls banging on things and a crackly radio playing chart hits somewhere), and I think that level of hype is dangerous because it creates unrealistic expectations and with that, disappointment. Of course it’s not going to shit glitter and rainbows and world peace. But I, personally, am glad that I’ve given it my time and contributed towards it.
POSTED Apr 23 2009 @ 6:17
POSTED Apr 23 2009 @ 1:18
AppleGeeks Lite

AppleGeeks Lite

POSTED Apr 22 2009 @ 14:30

Hey, I know what livejournal needs: more cross posting.

We have this thing called RSS. It is a magical device. It allows you to publish individual feeds, and people to choose what they want.

Why can’t people when they get on a new site - dw/twitter/lj whatever just either:

a) realise anyone who wants to read those details likely has an account on those sites (this goes especially for twitter)

b) everyone who doesn’t likely doesn’t want to read it (and especially for twitter. I have a twitter account so I can add you and then ignore you, obviously).

So I’m asking you nicely: LoudTwitter is an awful awful idea. Please stop it.

POSTED Apr 20 2009 @ 12:50
POSTED Apr 20 2009 @ 7:42
POSTED Apr 18 2009 @ 19:25
How to get a Dreamwidth invite code

How is Dreamwidth better than LiveJournal?

I keep being asked by different people how you can get your hands on a Dreamwidth invite code, so this post is intended as a point people can be directed to if they want in on the action.

Remember - selling invite codes is a big no-no, so if you’re offered a code for a fee, let Dreamwidth know so that they can do something about it.

POSTED Apr 18 2009 @ 2:44
86-Year-Old Beats Burglar, Makes Him Cry

86-Year-Old Beats Burglar, Makes Him Cry

POSTED Apr 18 2009 @ 2:14

A Russian facing surgery to have a suspected tumour removed has amazed doctors who found a fir tree growing in his lung (via itnnews)

POSTED Apr 18 2009 @ 1:47
POSTED Apr 17 2009 @ 17:25
POSTED Apr 17 2009 @ 17:17